Marcus Hiles – Building luxury homes with an eye on the wider community

A common skeptical perception of property development is that of an industry with dollar signs in its eyes- looking to bleed the local communities of dignity, soul and money. Property tycoons have never been portrayed too favorably in film and general media, so it can be difficult for many to see a positive spin on some working to change this perception. With this perception in mind, many people now it seems, when choosing where to relocate, may take into consideration the wider vision, impact and effect on local communities the business the go with has. Therefore, portraying and maintaining a positive public image has become more important than ever for businesses wishing to prosper.

Western Rim Property is a Texan based property development company, who have made a commitment to exacting the very company vision for integrity they outline in all their projects. They are led by CEO Marcus Hiles who has a rare blend of vigour and vision, and along with his partner and wife Nancy Hiles, has seen the enterprise flourish, along with their relationship with the wider communities in which their projects are developed. Their aim is simple- they design communities that they want to be ”the best place to live in the city”, a bold aim but nonetheless one which has carried the company in great stead thus far. They provide elegant and luxury apartment living, for affordable prices to those who aspire to have the conveniences of modern city living with the beauty and tranquillity of living in nature.

It is a difficult combination to marry, but Marcus Hiles and Western Rim have done so with flying colors. The attention to design is remarkable, from marble floored entrance ways to granite work surfaces. They are spacious light and fully quipped with state-of-the-art facilities. By utilizing the local environment, they have ensured that their projects remain leafy affairs, with beautiful forests and rolling hills surrounding the complexes. Having taken such an ecological approach to development has too put them in good stead with the wider community.

By developing and maintain a good relationship with local communities, they have ensured that bringing residents to these parts will see the economy flourish. The quality of these properties continues to evolve with the highest modern standards to maintain the elegance that makes these apartments so special. You can find out more about Marcus Hiles and his vision and philosophy at Marcus Hiles America.

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