Marcus Hiles - Creates Eco-Friendly Housing Developments

Marcus Hiles – Creates Eco-Friendly Housing Developments

Different building items and specifications affect energy loss and that is what Marcus Hiles tackles during the planning and building phases of housing projects. Through his use of window placement techniques that influence a home development’s orientation and materials, he can make Texas homes retain more heat in the winter and prevent rise in indoor temperature during summer. The ideal materials to minimize loss of heated air and cooled air at home are frames that seals air inside, shading devices, and windows with appropriate solar coefficient. As a result, cost savings are higher while carbon emissions are lower. According to Hiles, the home’s resistance to the sun’s heat increases through the use of radiant roof panels, which work to prevent heat from transferring to the roof and air ducts, hence attaining five to ten percent lower cooling expenses. In order to make more value, he ensures that the air conditioning systems he installs have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) that transcends the rules implemented by the government. This contributes to the lesser carbon emissions and help homes in Western Rim Property Services communities cut back over $420,000 worth of energy costs.

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