Marcus Hiles – Excellence Through Compassion

My own individual experience with Marcus Hiles has taught me much about what it means to be a high-achieving human being: his personal success story is a major inspiration to me and many others. What is the secret behind his success? The secret, as not many people realize, is actually his tendency towards compassionate and considerate behavior. It is Marcus Hiles’ kindness that has been a major factor in his own success: compassion is the secret underpinning the actualization of the American Dream.

Compassion is something that many people might assume is at odds with market interests: charity and profit do not go hand in hand. But the example of Marcus Hiles proves that this belief is completely false with the trajectory of his own life illustrating beyond doubt that you can be both compassionate and successful. Indeed, the charitable acts of Marcus Hiles and his wife, the accomplished Nancy Hiles, are well known in both their local area and the overarching state of Texas. Speaking to people in disparate areas of Texas and hearing their personal testimonies would give any objective listener the impression that it’s all about Marcus Hiles in this part of the world: rarely has a man been so popular within the confines of a single life. This enduring popularity takes compassion as its central tenet: Western Rim Property Services is a business that is geared towards the propagation of individual dreams, recognizing that its customers are real people and not simply the means of profit. Marcus Hiles deals fairly and kindly with his customers and it is this personal attitude that has made him respected far and wide.

Marcus Hiles’ triumph proves that good education is the new name for success: it was Marcus Hiles’ time at Rice University and the time that he spent studying in Malibu, California that allowed him to acquire the value system that would see him through the rest of his life, also exposing him to the varied groups of people that would give him a nuanced understanding of all corners of society, no matter how far removed from his own personal experience. Compassion, understanding, empathy and an interest in the personal dreams of other people are the real secrets of success, and without Marcus Hiles’ engaging personality Western Rim Property Services would never have come into being. Thankfully, Marcus Hiles continues to invest in and engage with his community.

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