Marcus Hiles is the quintessential businessman we wish we could see more of today

From starting out from scratch to building an empire worth a billion today, Marcus Hiles has travelled a long way. He has crafted a top quality-housing venture that runs on principles and values rather than just focusing on money at the cost of customers.

A firm believer in the community model, Marcus Hiles – Building Communities across the State. Rather than propagating the belief that good fences make for great neighbors, Hiles firmly believes that good communities make people happier and more satisfied with their lives.

His homes are some of the finest examples of community living. You have the best of amenities that are located conveniently next to each home. You also have top schools and businesses right next door, leaving you with a lot more time on your hands to engage with others and to enjoy outdoor activities.

Marcus Hiles, Fine Example of a Modern Day Businessman has certainly set a great example for young businessmen of today who are looking to make their foray into the world of real estate. He has shown that it is possible to enjoy success even while pricing your properties at reasonable prices and keeping customers happy.

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