Marcus Hiles – Urban living and Country Bliss

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for people to wish to live in the peace and harmony of the countryside, while enjoying the conveniences that urban life offers . Finding the opportunity to do both can be difficult, especially if the balance that makes this style of living is not to be destroyed. The Grand Estates in the Forest in Conroe, Texas, is one such housing development in a recent wave of complexes that have been established over the past few years to satisfy this increasingly sought-after lifestyle. It resides in an area of outstanding forest beauty, in close proximity to exciting nature activities, golf courses and national parks.

The Woodlands waterway has developed a thriving urban area with pedestrianized shops, restaurants and a buzzing evening atmosphere that offers that slice of city life that many feel so reluctant to give up when moving to the countryside. One such reason for the rise of these housing complex phenomena is the relocation of large corporations- Exxon Mobile, Fox Network Group and Chevron to name a few- to areas such as this. Naturally they require teams of skilled professionals, and can understand the difficulty of attracting such talent too far away from large metropolises. This is where is where Nancy and Marcus Hiles play their role. Building complexes like The Grand Estates in the Forest is part of a movement to make a home away from home for those pursuing job interests into the countryside.

And whilst it is the attraction of having city conveniences that may sway some to move to such complexes, it cannot be denied that the opportunities to explore nature still provides the driving force in attracting a diverse community from bachelors to families to such places. Biking, bird-watching, horse riding, and hiking- any outdoors activity you can imagine is catered for in the area.

As with all of these modern complexes, The Grand Estates in the Forest is a secured gated community- perfect for families- and has the wonderful details of a health center, expert personal trainer, Starbucks cafe, outdoor wi-fi lounge….the list goes on. Even a cursory glance at the Marcus Hiles Magazine will be enough to show you that all apartments are kitted out with state of the art household appliances, and are fully furnished and decorated in a light and spacious manner. It offers you the perfect balance of home living with an essence of hotel service. For many, complexes like this have proven the answer to many who have been deliberating the urban vs rural living debate, and will no doubt start a wave of countryside relocation.

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