Texas Makes Its Way on the Wine Industry Map

Historically having a short harvest period that sets Texas Vineyards behind, a shift in both wine demand and production methods in the wine industry has recently helped the region sustain a healthy harvest cycle. Now celebrating their annual grape harvest in the summer months of July – that’s four months ahead of growers in the ever-popular Napa region – the state has had one of their most successful seasons producing 38% more than 2017 and is continuing to grow each year.

With the market developing a growing taste for different blends including varietals that have a shorter hang cycle, the state’s wine businesses are reducing their loss caused by those blends that require much lengthier dry times. “Paired with advances in winemaking technologies, mid-west wine producers are able to maximize efficiency and production costs helping them compete better inside and outside of their local markets,” shares Texas-based award-winning wine collector, Marcus Hiles.
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How The Nation’s Top Suburbs are Bringing Greener Developments to the Table

The wish list and must-haves of renters and home buyers in today’s market has drastically changed in recent years. Most seen within the nation’s top surrounding metro areas, residents are putting importance on not only their indoor living area but also their outdoor accommodations.

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Two example locations are suburb areas that border two of Texas’ top cities: Austin and Dallas. Recognized as being some of the best places to live in the state, the suburbs of Allen and Riverside, Texas have been recognized as offering some of the best in balanced living, helping the area’s residents sustain healthy, active lifestyles.

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Dallas A Fastest Growing City in 2018 – Leading the Nation’s Population, Job and Housing Markets

The three keys to a growing area – housing, job and population increases are on the rise in Dallas and its surrounding suburbs; continuing to make it one of the fastest growing cities in 2018.

Leading the nation in population increases, Texas topped the charts as the number one state experiencing growth year over year from 2016 to 2017 in study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau. With Dallas as the number one location in the state, it’s no wonder this city is growing in popularity for 2018.
Marcus Hiles - CEO of Western Rim Properties
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Industries on the Rise: The Businesses Driving Record-Breaking Commercial Opportunities in Texas

One of the country’s largest states, Texas has been making a big impression in the economic development of present day commercial opportunities seen across the globe. Taking its place at the top in year-over-year population, job expansion and overall commercial growth; the state has been attracting residents and businesses from across the country and world over the last decade.

Marcus Hiles - Texas entrepreneur and CEO of Western Rim Properties Appealing to out-of-state and international transplants for its low cost of living, increasing job opportunities and overall quality of living; the business community is also fueling from similar benefits the southwestern state offers.

Beginning with the accommodating business climate, big name and newly established companies are brought to the area through the nationally low taxes and regulations it provides. Also adding to its appeal are the decreased barriers to entry Texas’ vast commercial landmass enables along with the talented population it retains. “With these key factors separating the state from others in the nation for its commercial value, businesses are looking to Texas to help position them ahead of competitors and for a future of success,” shares Marcus Hiles, a leading Texas entrepreneur and CEO of the Dallas-based property firm Western Rim Properties.

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Fortune Recognizes Texas as Having the 3rd Most Fortune 500 Company Headquarters

The commercial industry throughout the state of Texas has seen growing interest from globally recognized organizations among the world’s leading markets. Tech and industrial sectors, hospitality, manufacturing and energy industries are among those growing their roots in the nation’s second largest state that offers some of the best in vast land mass, talented workforce, affordability and business friendly regulations.

A unique environment where a collective group of diverse companies, populations and communities can come together to create opportunities and success at scale, the state has positioned itself in a way that has attracted organizations such as AT&T, Dell and Southwest Airlines.

Fortune’s 64th annual report released late this May sees the state as owning the third largest sector nationwide for Fortune 500 Company headquarters. The businesses on this list are those leading the economy and operating at a rate that produces 2/3rds the United States GDP. With nearly $13 trillion in revenue combined, Fortune describes this elite group as the most important engine of both US and global economies.

Holding 48 of the 500 firms on Fortune’s list, it is no surprise the overall Texas economy has continued to grow steadily each year in part from these companies that are each pulling in a minimum of $5.4 billion in revenues.

“The benefits that have come to the Texas area through this level of mass business operations has also commercially impacted other areas. Small business and startup communities, business infrastructure industries such as data centers as well as the migration of out of state and international employees coming for job opportunities,” shares DFW-based entrepreneur Marcus Hiles, who has seen a growing demand in his rental properties from this commercial boom.

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Funds Facilitate the Investment in People, Technology and Marketing – Marcus Hiles

Funds Facilitate the Investment in People, Technology and Marketing – Marcus Hiles

Venture investments are an important metric of economic growth, said Marcus Hiles, because the reserves allow companies to employ more workers, purchase new equipment, and speed up product development and marketing. Capital firms in turn receive a considerable portion of the profits as capable young companies are sold or go public, and keep the cycle going.

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Marcus Hiles Believes in the Power of Smart Home Technology

Marcus Hiles Believes in the Power of Smart Home Technology

The increasing consumer market for ultramodern smart appliances has proven to be economical and offer utmost ease. Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Properties, shares his expertise on the latest happenings in the network of the “Internet of Things,” and their role in creating a better quality of life. Hiles has been making fashionable rental communities all over Texas for more than thirty years. High in classiness and replete with resort-like services, the homes, townhomes and apartments he has developed are known for their revolutionary energy-efficient facilities. With holistic knowledge about developments in smart house technologies, the eminent real estate developer has solid experience in the upcoming phase of completely programmable appliances that give occupants greater customization and control—and all by cell phone for the first time.

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Marcus Hiles - Talks about What Amenities to Anticipate from Sophisticated Rental Communities in Dallas

Marcus Hiles – Talks about What Amenities to Anticipate from Sophisticated Rental Communities in Dallas

As the chief of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles informs Dallas tenants that the most effective way for them to use their housing bucks is to look for communities that contain resort-style amenities. “If you’re fed up with residing in a tiny apartment complex then you need to begin searching for a site where you could take hold of the living you want,” he proposes. “It is essential for prospect tenants to take their hobbies and interests into account when exploring facilities and services inside a locale.” Homes excellent for animal owners contain convenient waste stations and an exclusive off-leash dog park, in addition to pet-sitting, grooming and veterinary services. “Certain developments attracts families with kids through their activity areas, playgrounds, on-site parks, and excellent education,” Hiles comments. Additionally, the finest locales for golfers possess incredible golf course vistas and course features while those for physically active folks get anything from jogging paths to the latest fitness gyms.

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Marcus Hiles Impels Dallas Inhabitants to Envision Lifestyle Amenities

Marcus Hiles Impels Dallas Inhabitants to Envision Lifestyle Amenities

Marcus Hiles, Chairman and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, sways Dallas dwellers to get the most value out of their housing allowance by pursuing out localities that present resort-like amenities. “There’s no need to feel suffocated in a boxy apartment complex when you can thrive in surroundings that reflect the lifestyle you envision,” he states. Hiles leads presumable tenants to point up services and facilities that agree with their interests. Animal owners could distinguish lands that offer a private off-leash dog park, available waste stations, and nearby pet-sitting services, veterinarians, and groomers. “Families with children should find developments located in superior school districts, and that provide on-property parks, playgrounds, and activity areas,” Hiles notes. Thus, passionate golfers could join into communities that include nearby course freedom and have a spectacular golf course scenes, while fitness enthusiasts might go for properties with state-of-the-art fitness centers, ready communication to personal trainers, and jogging trails.

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Marcus Hiles - Creates Eco-Friendly Housing Developments

Marcus Hiles – Creates Eco-Friendly Housing Developments

Different building items and specifications affect energy loss and that is what Marcus Hiles tackles during the planning and building phases of housing projects. Through his use of window placement techniques that influence a home development’s orientation and materials, he can make Texas homes retain more heat in the winter and prevent rise in indoor temperature during summer. The ideal materials to minimize loss of heated air and cooled air at home are frames that seals air inside, shading devices, and windows with appropriate solar coefficient. As a result, cost savings are higher while carbon emissions are lower. According to Hiles, the home’s resistance to the sun’s heat increases through the use of radiant roof panels, which work to prevent heat from transferring to the roof and air ducts, hence attaining five to ten percent lower cooling expenses. In order to make more value, he ensures that the air conditioning systems he installs have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) that transcends the rules implemented by the government. This contributes to the lesser carbon emissions and help homes in Western Rim Property Services communities cut back over $420,000 worth of energy costs.

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