Marcus Hiles: The Texas-based entrepreneur who raised voice against Real Estate’s income tax hike

Marcus Hiles is a famous entrepreneur who didn’t show his satisfaction towards hike in income tax rate in Real Estate in Texas. The increase in income tax rate by the Real Estate industry in Washington D.C and Houston also affected the price of real estate properties in Texas. Marcus Hiles have raised higher voice against this issue. The uncertain hike in income tax rate in Real Estate in Texas is going beyond the affordability of many people. Therefore, the sales of Real Estate firms are highly affecting these days.

Taxes in America: The Marcus Hiles fight for a better Future

Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Properties have become the voice of many people who want to buy new residential units in Texas. He was not agreed with the decision of the state’s government. Therefore, he showed his full anger with the sudden increase in tax rate. The followers of Marcus Hiles on social networking sites highly appreciate this step taken by him. His struggle and fight for a better future is showing the great gesture. Secondly, his caring attitude has also been seen by the people.

Not every entrepreneur has guts to say anything one on one to the government officials. Marcus Hiles highly care for the people and therefore, he didn’t feel any hesitation to condemn the hike in tax rate issue. Nancy Hiles has supported him too. This ideal couple always participates in the activities for the welfare and betterment of the people. People are facing tough time with the increase in tax rate. Therefore, there should be someone who becomes their voice. As a successful entrepreneur and famous philanthropist, his raised issues can’t be missed by the local government’s officials.

Marcus Hiles Builds with a vision: Western Rim Property Services

Marcus Hiles had a clear vision of keeping their customers satisfied. However, he showed his great personality by raising voice against Real Estate’s tax rate hike in Texas. Apart from outstanding residential units and attractive prices, he also focuses on showing caring attitude towards the people. The philanthropic work and saving natural environment are also some commendable initiatives taken by Marcus Hiles. The residents of Newport Custom Homes and their other projects always appreciate all of their initiatives and steps taken for them. Marcus Hiles is a highly dedicated person who has a clear vision.