Marcus Hiles – Urban living and Country Bliss

It is becoming increasingly commonplace for people to wish to live in the peace and harmony of the countryside, while enjoying the conveniences that urban life offers . Finding the opportunity to do both can be difficult, especially if the balance that makes this style of living is not to be destroyed. The Grand Estates in the Forest in Conroe, Texas, is one such housing development in a recent wave of complexes that have been established over the past few years to satisfy this increasingly sought-after lifestyle. It resides in an area of outstanding forest beauty, in close proximity to exciting nature activities, golf courses and national parks.

The Woodlands waterway has developed a thriving urban area with pedestrianized shops, restaurants and a buzzing evening atmosphere that offers that slice of city life that many feel so reluctant to give up when moving to the countryside. One such reason for the rise of these housing complex phenomena is the relocation of large corporations- Exxon Mobile, Fox Network Group and Chevron to name a few- to areas such as this. Naturally they require teams of skilled professionals, and can understand the difficulty of attracting such talent too far away from large metropolises. This is where is where Nancy and Marcus Hiles play their role. Building complexes like The Grand Estates in the Forest is part of a movement to make a home away from home for those pursuing job interests into the countryside.

And whilst it is the attraction of having city conveniences that may sway some to move to such complexes, it cannot be denied that the opportunities to explore nature still provides the driving force in attracting a diverse community from bachelors to families to such places. Biking, bird-watching, horse riding, and hiking- any outdoors activity you can imagine is catered for in the area.

As with all of these modern complexes, The Grand Estates in the Forest is a secured gated community- perfect for families- and has the wonderful details of a health center, expert personal trainer, Starbucks cafe, outdoor wi-fi lounge….the list goes on. Even a cursory glance at the Marcus Hiles Magazine will be enough to show you that all apartments are kitted out with state of the art household appliances, and are fully furnished and decorated in a light and spacious manner. It offers you the perfect balance of home living with an essence of hotel service. For many, complexes like this have proven the answer to many who have been deliberating the urban vs rural living debate, and will no doubt start a wave of countryside relocation.

Marcus Hiles – Building luxury homes with an eye on the wider community

A common skeptical perception of property development is that of an industry with dollar signs in its eyes- looking to bleed the local communities of dignity, soul and money. Property tycoons have never been portrayed too favorably in film and general media, so it can be difficult for many to see a positive spin on some working to change this perception. With this perception in mind, many people now it seems, when choosing where to relocate, may take into consideration the wider vision, impact and effect on local communities the business the go with has. Therefore, portraying and maintaining a positive public image has become more important than ever for businesses wishing to prosper.

Western Rim Property is a Texan based property development company, who have made a commitment to exacting the very company vision for integrity they outline in all their projects. They are led by CEO Marcus Hiles who has a rare blend of vigour and vision, and along with his partner and wife Nancy Hiles, has seen the enterprise flourish, along with their relationship with the wider communities in which their projects are developed. Their aim is simple- they design communities that they want to be ”the best place to live in the city”, a bold aim but nonetheless one which has carried the company in great stead thus far. They provide elegant and luxury apartment living, for affordable prices to those who aspire to have the conveniences of modern city living with the beauty and tranquillity of living in nature.

It is a difficult combination to marry, but Marcus Hiles and Western Rim have done so with flying colors. The attention to design is remarkable, from marble floored entrance ways to granite work surfaces. They are spacious light and fully quipped with state-of-the-art facilities. By utilizing the local environment, they have ensured that their projects remain leafy affairs, with beautiful forests and rolling hills surrounding the complexes. Having taken such an ecological approach to development has too put them in good stead with the wider community.

By developing and maintain a good relationship with local communities, they have ensured that bringing residents to these parts will see the economy flourish. The quality of these properties continues to evolve with the highest modern standards to maintain the elegance that makes these apartments so special. You can find out more about Marcus Hiles and his vision and philosophy at Marcus Hiles America.

Hard Work Pays Off for Marcus Hiles

At the age of 28 in 1988, property mogul and founder of Western Rim Property Services Marcus Hiles took the leap and started his own business. Prior to this time, Marcus had not had an easy life; at times he had struggled, living on a living room floor for a year and living off a diet of hot dog sausages and green beans. And in the early years of starting his company things weren’t so easy either: he was just barely making payroll and often had next to nothing to live on. However, with harder American fighting spirit, Marcus relentlessly persevered and always reinvested every dollar back into the business. He identified a gap in the market, could see the growth of renters and knew there would be a market for high end luxury accommodation. His business answered that need.

Marcus’s journey to success started when he took an MBA at Pepperdine University in California. It was here that he would make life-long friends and contacts who would prove invaluable in helping him on his way. He also found some of his professors extremely helpful and considerate, often taking the time to explain ideas one on one. So while it wasn’t always an easy time for Marcus, who as already mentioned at times was forced to sleep on a friend’s living room floor, he will be the first to admit that he also had some degree of luck in some regards. How he chose to take advantage of that luck is another story altogether however. It might be argues that we are all given luck or opportunities in some form or other at various stages in life, however most people do not have the instinct, courage or awareness to recognize it when it comes knocking and to figure out what to do with it. It has often been said that this is what marks truly successful individuals apart from the crowd. Check Marcus Hiles Houston for more information:

Now Western Rim Property and its affiliates Newport Classic Homes and Mansions Custom Homes are multi-million dollar businesses with projects spanning Texas. Western Rim owns more than 10400 existing units with an additional 5200 units in the pipeline. The communities are luxury residential rental developments using Texan brand names known for superior quality. In 2012 and 2013 Western Rim was an award winner in the Satisfacts Annual Review. In 2013 Western Rim was ranked #3 out of the top 5 company score out of many hundreds reviewed.

For information for Marcus and his wife’s philanthropy interests, visit Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles Philanthropy:

Marcus Hiles Magazine – A Whole New World

Among all the innumerable factors influencing our lives, one of the most significant and pervasive is the Internet. The Internet has proven a kind of revolutionary social force that has completely altered our lifestyle, the way we think, and perceive and do things. For instance, prior to the Internet, we had to drive to local stores to buy whatever we wanted, and now with online shopping services we can purchase almost everything we need with the touch of our finger from a convenient web site. Well, another such convenience the Internet offers is in regards to learning more about interesting people, the movers and shakers who shape our lives and the world around us.

Texas real estate icon, Marcus Hiles, CEO of Western Rim Property Services, is in many ways a living legend. To learn more about Marcus Hiles, just then access Marcus HilesMagazine, and you will discover the latest news regarding his business, his life, and his plans for making the world a better place to live by offering luxury housing at affordable prices to the average American family and to single professionals. Whats more, when you need information and the latest updates on the real estate industry in Texas, Marcus Hiles Magazine will prove reliable media source. You will find all you need to know in order to make an informed and well considered decision about the house and location that are just right for your needs. Texas is a wonderful place to call home, and Marcus Hiles Houston can help you purchase your dream home in the capital city of our Lone Star State, Houston.

Marcus Hiles founded his company on the overriding principle of providing luxury rentals and the finest quality homes at affordable prices. Hiles boasts a stunning portfolio of luxury apartment homes, condominiums, and custom mansions situated in some of the most sought-after spots across Texas. Together, Western Rim and Mansions Custom Homes manage and own more than 10,000 townhouses, apartments, and homeowner associations in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, including Tyler, Prosper, Rockwall, North Rich land Hills, and Collin County, as well as in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. As CEO of Western Rim Property Services, Hiles has reached his number one goal; namely, to build the highest quality homes in top locations across Texas while maximizing views and signature amenities in superior school districts.

Marcus Hiles – Excellence Through Compassion

My own individual experience with Marcus Hiles has taught me much about what it means to be a high-achieving human being: his personal success story is a major inspiration to me and many others. What is the secret behind his success? The secret, as not many people realize, is actually his tendency towards compassionate and considerate behavior. It is Marcus Hiles’ kindness that has been a major factor in his own success: compassion is the secret underpinning the actualization of the American Dream.

Compassion is something that many people might assume is at odds with market interests: charity and profit do not go hand in hand. But the example of Marcus Hiles proves that this belief is completely false with the trajectory of his own life illustrating beyond doubt that you can be both compassionate and successful. Indeed, the charitable acts of Marcus Hiles and his wife, the accomplished Nancy Hiles, are well known in both their local area and the overarching state of Texas. Speaking to people in disparate areas of Texas and hearing their personal testimonies would give any objective listener the impression that it’s all about Marcus Hiles in this part of the world: rarely has a man been so popular within the confines of a single life. This enduring popularity takes compassion as its central tenet: Western Rim Property Services is a business that is geared towards the propagation of individual dreams, recognizing that its customers are real people and not simply the means of profit. Marcus Hiles deals fairly and kindly with his customers and it is this personal attitude that has made him respected far and wide.

Marcus Hiles’ triumph proves that good education is the new name for success: it was Marcus Hiles’ time at Rice University and the time that he spent studying in Malibu, California that allowed him to acquire the value system that would see him through the rest of his life, also exposing him to the varied groups of people that would give him a nuanced understanding of all corners of society, no matter how far removed from his own personal experience. Compassion, understanding, empathy and an interest in the personal dreams of other people are the real secrets of success, and without Marcus Hiles’ engaging personality Western Rim Property Services would never have come into being. Thankfully, Marcus Hiles continues to invest in and engage with his community.

The views of Marcus hiles about engagement of employees at Workplace

There is no doubt that an employee play vital role to take any business to the next level. Without a good staff, the rapport of any firm can be at stake. It is a duty of the top management to guide and train employees. In this way, the employees can provide desired services to the firm. The long workweek jobs and hectic routine isn’t enough to increase sales. The employee share different creative ideas. The more productive office worker definitely becomes an inspiration for others. It is also true that the energy of work in younger employees differ from old workers. In this way, the engagement of employees with work pays them off. Marcus Hiles News is available on internet in which he shared about the importance of employees for a successful firm. His presentations and video lectures are highly useful for the students as well as new entrepreneurs.

The couple of Marcus and Nancy Hiles are ideal for providing excellent business skills to newbie entrepreneurs. He believes that an employee should only focus on work during work. The development of Western Rim Property has become possible due to the recruitment of skillful employees. The couple still remains highly active in development of the Western Rim Properties. Marcus Hiles have hired a group of talented team who conduct good interviews. Many employees of top management level are also highly capable to take in-depth interviews for best hiring of the employees. Nancy Hiles is also focus on the performance of employees. Therefore, she prefers experienced workers for Western Rim Properties. The success of any firm highly depends upon the performance of employees. Every employee must be capable to provide outstanding services to the firm so that it gets higher success in a small time span.

Marcus Hiles is An Iconic Real Estate Entrepreneur

Marcus Hiles offers top quality homes to Texas residents that feature the best in luxury amenities, yet are available at very low prices. His constant endeavor to make these available at a price that is well below market value is what makes him the fine businessman he is today.

Marcus Hiles Making Real Estate Headlines in Texas through these luxury homes that are the talk of the town. It is a thing of pride to live in a community that fosters a strong sense of community and that constantly promotes your own well being.

Come home to luxury, enjoy a walk in the nearby park, go to the local gym and enjoy a round of golf with your neighbors. All of this is possible in a home by Western Rim properties.

The Resume of a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur: Marcus Hiles offers a lot not just for residents but for the real estate community as well. His dwellings have changed the way real estate is treated and has helped people to find joy in their lives. His business model is one worth emulating as it offers a luxury lifestyle at a reasonable price to the average American family.

Marcus Hiles – Pathway to success

Marcus Hiles carved out his niche in the real estate industry. He was able to establish himself in the grand state of Texas and become a well-respected businessman. He created Western Rim Property Service in 2004 and it has been extremely successful. Western Rim Property Service expanded and created Mansion custom homes. Both businesses are helping to change the landscape in Florida for many hard working Americans.

Marcus Hiles was always dedicated to a high level of education. Through ought grade school, college and graduate school, Marcus Hiles refined himself through the knowledge gained in the classroom. His hard work and good ethics helped him reach and accomplish his dreams and goals. Marcus Hiles father, an inner city minister, taught this thirst for education and hard work to him at a very young age. Marcus Hiles graduated from Rice University in Central Texas. He then started school at Pepperdine University and graduated with an MBA in business administration. He strongly believes in having good education, as it is the root of all success. Marcus Hiles’ success proves that anyone who works hard can reach success. After college, Marcus Hiles started working in the real estate industry. He was able to gain working knowledge of the business while doing this. He used this knowledge to help him with the early obstacles faced with Western Rim Property Service. For more visit Marcus Hiles Houston Texas.

Today his companies provide beautiful places to live for residents and great jobs for employees. Marcus even owns a construction company, which allows him to offer more flexibility. Together with his construction and Real Estate Company, hundreds of administrative, construction, landscaping, sales people and more are gainfully employed.

On a lighter note, Marcus Hiles is a wine connoisseur. He collects wine from all around the world and keeps it in his wine cellar. This high tech storage room is underground and has a river flowing through it to keep the air humidified. The entire operation is controlled with computer technology. Marcus Hiles wine collection is award winning and has been featured in wine auctions in Japan. This is something Marcus is very passionate about and yet another example of his dedication to the crafts he loves. To find out more visit Marcus Hiles Fortworth News.

Magnolia Real Estate and Impact Of Jobs

The establishment of Magnolia Real Estate has further made the statement strong that Dallas Businessman Marcus Hiles is Unstoppable. The initiation of such projects has really lifted the image of western rim property and has made the name of Marcus Hiles even more famous than before.

Marcus Hiles always applauds the support of his wife in the success of each successful project initiated by his company, Marcus Hiles also is very proud of the working team he has and always says that without their help achieving his dreams would have been impossible.

The organizational environment in western rim property is very friendly and employees feel that they are just like a family to Marcus Hiles. Marcus Hiles also is very particular about the wellbeing of his employees and he thinks that his employees are the source of his strength and their high motivation is his means towards success.

Marcus Hiles is a very down to earth manager and he always likes to mingle with his employees and makes their moral high by perks and privileges which are wonderful and valuable. Marcus Hiles always wants his employees to work to the best of their abilities and for that he gives all the facilities to his employees.

Marcus Hiles also initiates training sessions for his employees so that they may be equipped with all the latest skills required to compete in the market. Marcus Hiles personally also has one to one sessions and meetings with his employees on daily basis so that the chain of relations never breaks between them.

If you are looking for a job then western rim property is the ideal place for you to get your career started , keep searching different recruitment portals where you can get information about different vacancies available in western rim property.

Marcus Hiles is the quintessential businessman we wish we could see more of today

From starting out from scratch to building an empire worth a billion today, Marcus Hiles has travelled a long way. He has crafted a top quality-housing venture that runs on principles and values rather than just focusing on money at the cost of customers.

A firm believer in the community model, Marcus Hiles – Building Communities across the State. Rather than propagating the belief that good fences make for great neighbors, Hiles firmly believes that good communities make people happier and more satisfied with their lives.

His homes are some of the finest examples of community living. You have the best of amenities that are located conveniently next to each home. You also have top schools and businesses right next door, leaving you with a lot more time on your hands to engage with others and to enjoy outdoor activities.

Marcus Hiles, Fine Example of a Modern Day Businessman has certainly set a great example for young businessmen of today who are looking to make their foray into the world of real estate. He has shown that it is possible to enjoy success even while pricing your properties at reasonable prices and keeping customers happy.